Show&Tell's Exclusive Masters 25 Preview - Jace's enemy No. 1

Hello everyone, and welcome to Show&TellMTG!

If you are reading this, it's probably the first time you visit our site. And before showing you the preview card, we would like to introduce ourselves: we are a Spanish  team and content creator born from the need of having daily quality content in our language. We have the headquarters in Madrid (Spain), but we also have some members living in other European countries. This spoiler season we were rewarded by Wizards with an exclusive preciew card, and that's probably why you ended up here :)

Without further due, let's just jump into our spoiler! I hope you didn't waste too much time making plans with Jace, the Mind Sculptor, because they could have ruined them all now...

That's it, ladies and gentlemen! A very special white-collar thief comes into action, and if you have your shields down, he can just take over the game in a blink! He will leave us thiking about what to do, whether to laugh or to cry. With you all, Notion Thief!

Let's begin with its design: we have a relevant and yet overcosted body, able to attack or be traded for a threat, and the fact of having Flash shows us Wizards' intentions, no other than acting in response to a cantrip effect. The CMC 4 with several colored mana symbols is a clue of its power level, yet narrowed, in order to make him difficult to splash for. Its design is quite unique, there is no card in Magic with a similar effect, and its abilities are just tailor-made to fight Jace, the Mind Sculptor's 0 ability, with the upside of its body to finish him off on the way back.

But, is it embarrassing if our opponents don't cast their cantrip spells? Let's take the worst case scenario, imagine we play our 3/1 (remember that it has Flash!) and they cast a Brainstorm in response; well, we still have a body on the board and the effect for the next turns, and most likely in this color combination we want to play with mana open and some kind of permission or removal spells anyway.

Let's move on and check one of the things that Wizards loves in this kind of cards, its flavour. Without the slightlest doubt, Notion Thief's flavour is wonderful. Shall we start with its name? The main notion in Magic and especially in Eternal formats, is the card advantage. Draw, draw and draw again, hands full please! Ancestral Recall is the best card ever printed, Library of Alexandria sure, why not?. Damn! Brainstorm has dominated Legacy for years now, and without it, blue wouldn't be the same. If we are not careful and fearless Notion Thief could make our opponent to draw the cards we had in mind and maybe even to make us 'discard' two cards. That's a ton of value! Let's hope at the end of the round he didn't take you jacket, your watch and you dignity as a blue wizard...

Let's go now with the interview, we don't sign anyone up without previously checking its CV and history. 

First printed in Dragon's Maze, with the intention of being the card to fear if we played  Sphin'x Revelation in our deck in Standard, it didn't take long before it started seeing some play in the Major Leagues in a more 'cantrip-centered' formats like Legacy or even in the exciting, yet not popular, Vintage, where several cards above mentioned are played.

Truth to be said, being a white collar-thief, he sows terror wherever he steps on, he is able to create memories that he is not interested in taking away from you, and believe me, he will chase you in your worst nightmares.

The reactions he may cause are extremely wide and diverse. Cheeky smiles when played in response to challenge a  Ponder,  Serum Visions or a small cantrip A.K.A. 'Draw one' I gotcha! 

But... He may also drown all your hopes and make you put your hands on your head if casted in response to anything with 'Draw 2+' as  Goblin Lore,  Cathartic Reunion or the before mentioned  Brainstorm,  Jace, the Mind Sculptor or why not to dream, an  Ugin, the Spirit Dragon' ultimate activation. 

Let alone talking about how nasty he may be in a build-around deck, like in Commander, with  Timetwister effects such as  Wheel of Fortune or the still Standard playable  Commit. We are still waiting for the results of the DNA test from the lab, but everything points of him being cousin of  Leovold, Emisary of Trest. What a tag-team!

To sume up ladies and gentlemen,  Notion Thief is a card aimed to answer our opponents' cards and, despite of being too narrow because he doesn't have the chance of being played in maindecks nowadays, he may be a great tool to face Control decks, been even more powerful if we are sleeving up a creatureless deck and our opponents will tend to side out basically all removal. The real  Jace, the Mind Sculptor's Public Enemy #1 is  Notion Thief not  Bloodbraid Elf, despite of the last one being much more versatile.

I hope you enjoyed our exclusive spoiler and we that would have more chances to show you new cards. I personally enjoyed having the opportunity to express myself in English, filling your heads with beliefs and notions to dominate the boards in ways like this...



I know, I know, I would like to do that too...




Carlos Oliveros